Baby Art Gallery

Turn Your Baby into an Art Critic

gebonden: € 11.90
ISBN: 9781786272881, 8 blz., January 2018, Engels
Formaat: 19.3 (h) x 14.0 (b) x 2.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 346 gram.

Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing

illustrator: Poulain, Damien


It's never too early to look and learn together! As soon as they are born, babies are learning to focus on high-contrast images. Stimulate and entertain your little genius with these striking black-and-white art cards, inspired by the world's greatest artists.

For the cot, changing mat and on the move... Your little one will be entranced by their first art experience.  

Note for parents: These cards cannot guarantee your child will grow up to be a creative genius.


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