The Dreamday Pattern Journal: Japanese Style: Kyoto

Colouring-in notebook for writing, musing, drawing and doodling

King, Laurence

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The Dreamday Pattern Journal: Japanese Style: Kyoto

gebonden: € 12.90

ISBN: 9781780678900, geïllustreerd, 108 blz., September 2018, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing


The Dreamday Pattern Journal is a new concept in luxury stationery. Each journal contains patterned pages for colouring-in and doodling interleaved with blank pages for taking notes and drawing. Each has a visual theme associated with a particular period or place, whether modern Kyoto, 1920s Manhattan or Mid-Century Scandinavia.

Composed of cream and grey stocks and featuring coloured endpapers, richly patterned covers and a bellyband, the journals are a perfect blending of the traditional blank journal and the current craze for colouring-in books. This is a series that can be used as beautiful, functional stationery but each volume will also become a unique personal notebook with your own designs and colouring.

The first six titles in the series are:

Renaissance –Florence • Art Deco – Manhattan • Heraldic – Paris • Mid-Century Modern – Scandinavian Design • Japanese Style – Kyoto • Marrakech – Moroccan Style

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