Cambridge: The Watercolour Sketchbook

Binney, Marcus


€ 24.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9781780676906, geïllustreerd, 108 blz., January 2016, Engels
Formaat: 30.9 (h) x 25.3 (b) x 1.9 (d) cm. Gewicht: 909 gram.

Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing


The perfect introduction to the city’s architectural heritage, Cambridge — The Watercolour Sketchbook gives visitors and residents insight into a wealth of sights, both grand and intimate in scale. Many facets of the university town and surrounds are recorded here, as Graham Byfield strolls with his sketchpad through college gateways, courts and gardens, along broad streets and narrow alleyways, into great ceremonial buildings and medieval pubs full of character. All of England’s architectural styles are well represented in Cambridge, and a sunny day spent wandering around the city can be intoxicating. Indeed, as writer Marcus Binney says: “If one city had to stand for all that is fine, inventive, lovely and sensitive in English architecture, it is Cambridge.” Accompanying the paintings and sketches are observations and notes handwritten by the artist, as well as an introduction to Cambridge by heritage expert Marcus Binney.

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