Pip's Big Hide-and-Seek-Book

Thais Vanderheyden

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Pip's Big Hide-and-Seek-Book

gebonden: € 15.95

ISBN: 9781605373683, 32 blz., January 2018, Engels
Formaat: 33.2 (h) x 24.4 (b) x 1.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 591 gram.

Uitgever: Clavis Publishing


A surprising book with funny details and fun tasks. For keen little mice ages 4 and up.

Pip is playing hide-and-seek with his little mice friends. All one hundred of them! They are hiding in the strangest places in Mouseland. A blimp, a spaceship, a submarine ... the little mice are everywhere! Can Pip find all his friends? How about you? Will you help him look? Ready or not, here we come!

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