The Yoga of Right Diet

an Intelligent Approach to Dietary Practice that Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality

Adi Da Samraj

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The Yoga of Right Diet

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 12.95

ISBN: 9781570971938, 87 blz., February 2019, Engels
Formaat: 22.1 (h) x 14.5 (b) x 1.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 135 gram.

Uitgever: The Dawn Horse Press


An Intelligent Approach To Dietary Practice That Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality.

Comprised of summary Instruction on dietary practice and "radical" healing given by His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj. Includes various early, key Talks-such "Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity" and "Diet is not the Key to Salvation"-that have been updated to conform to all of Avatar Adi Da's current language and Instruction. In addition, Adi Da selected one of His extraordinary Images for the cover of this book.

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