Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food

Mouth-Watering Recipes to Fuel You for Life

Ramsay, Gordon

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Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food

gebonden: € 37.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9781473652279, 288 blz., January 2018, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Hodder & Stoughton


The dream combination - a Michelin-starred superchef who is also a committed athlete. Gordon knows how important it is to eat well, whether you're training for a triathlon or just leading a busy active life. And just because it's healthy food you don't have to compromise on taste and flavour.

The book is divided into three sections, each one offering breakfasts, lunches, suppers, sides and snacks with different health-boosting benefits. The Healthy section consists of nourishing recipes for general wellbeing; the Lean recipes encourage healthy weight loss; and the Fit section features pre- and post-workout dishes to build strength and energise.

This is the ultimate collection of recipes that you'll enjoy cooking and eating, and will leave you in great shape whatever your fitness goals.

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