Inktober All Year Long

Your Indispensable Guide to Drawing with Ink

Jake Parker

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Inktober All Year Long

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 19.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9781452170411, 160 blz., March 2021, Engels

Uitgever: Abrams


The Inktober Handbook is the definitive guide to drawing in ink from Inktober founder Jake Parker.

This book offers veteran inkists and novice practitioners alike the resources they need to reach the finish line of a month-long drawing challenge-any time of year!

From nuts-and-bolts drawing instruction to advice on overcoming the urge to quit, this practical paperback is perfect for anyone looking to take their drawing to the next level.

* The instructive and inspirational guide fans have been waiting for

* Has a unique black-dyed fore-edge, making it a great gift

* Features Parker's whimsical illustrations

Every October, people worldwide take up the challenge to complete one ink drawing a day for 31 days.

The creative marathon Inktober has helped millions of artists of all skill levels master the tools and techniques of ink drawing.

* A helpful and accessible guide to illustrators of all levels

* Parker combines his enthusiasm for pen-and-ink drawing with encouragement and practical instruction.

* Perfect gift for artists who want to practice regularly and love a challenge, pen-and-ink enthusiasts, and anyone looking to sharpen their drawing skills

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