Mondrian Colored Pencils

€ 14.95
ISBN: 9781452146010, 10 blz., January 2016, UND
Formaat: 19.5 (h) x 8.5 (b) x 2.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 114 gram.

Uitgever: Chronicle Books


This box of 10 coloured pencils brings the bold colour blocking of master De Stijl painter Piet Mondrian to the desktop. The box features a series of die-cut windows, so that when rolled back and forth in the box, the pencil barrels create an infinite number of Mondrian-esque compositions.Pencil lead is coloured: 2 ea of red, blue, yellow, black, whiteProduced in collaboration with the Piet Mondrian estate.

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