Cohen, Julie

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 11.95
ISBN: 9781409171768, January 2018, UND
Formaat: 19.8 (h) x 13.0 (b) x 2.4 (d) cm. Gewicht: 248 gram.

Uitgever: Orion


Robbie and Emily have been together for decades. Now, their joints are creaking and their eyesight is failing - but their love for each other is as fresh and fierce as ever. They have had children and grandchildren, lived full and happy lives.
But they have been keeping a devastating secret since the day they met, when their lives changed forever. Over the years, the sacrifices and choices they've made have sealed their fates together.
Did they do the right thing? Read their story, and you decide.
If you've enjoyed other moving, thought-provoking novels like Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman), The Keeper of Lost Things (Ruth Hogan) or The Trouble With Goats and Sheep (Joanna Cannon), you'll find TOGETHER just as powerfully unforgettable.

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