Fargo Adventures 11


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paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 11.95

ISBN: 9781405941075, 464 blz., May 2020, Engels
Formaat: 18.2 (h) x 11.2 (b) x 3.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 262 gram.

Uitgever: Penguin Books UK


North Africa, 533 A.D.
The last Vandal ruler faces the invading Byzantines.
An oracle predicts defeat unless a sacred scroll is found . . .
When an archaeological dig in Tunisia funded by Sam and Remi Fargo uncovers clues pointing to the whereabouts of a lost ancient scroll, the treasure hunting team can't wait to discover the truth. But it looks like they'll have to - the Nigerian school they fund has been robbed and they need to find out what happened.
Little do they realise how ruthless this band of robbers are - willing to take Remi and the school's students hostage. With a snake in the grass in the Fargo team, not to mention hints that this might just be connected to their lost scroll, Sam and Remi have their work cut just staying alive.
But when the Fargos know there's treasure waiting to be discovered, nothing will stop them . . .

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