Grown Ups

Marian Keyes

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Grown Ups

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 13.95

ISBN: 9781405918794, 400 blz., February 2021, Engels
Formaat: 18.1 (h) x 11.2 (b) x 4.1 (d) cm. Gewicht: 360 gram.

Uitgever: Penguin Books UK


Not only the perfect gift but also the perfect escape this Christmas - read all about someone else's hilariously dysfunctional family . . .

'Magnificently messy lives, brilliantly untangled. Funny, tender and completely absorbing!' GRAHAM NORTON

'It's SUCH a treat. I felt like I was reading the cleverest cream cake of words' CAITLIN MORAN

They're a glamorous family, the Caseys.

Johnny Casey, his two brothers Ed and Liam, their beautiful, talented wives and all their kids spend a lot of time together - birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weekends away. And they're a happy family. Johnny's wife, Jessie - who has the most money - insists on it.

Under the surface, though, conditions are murkier. While some people clash, other people like each other far too much . . .

Everything stays under control until Ed's wife Cara gets concussion and can't keep her thoughts to herself. One careless remark at Johnny's birthday party, with the entire family present, starts Cara spilling out all their secrets.

In the subsequent unravelling, every one of the adults finds themselves wondering if it's time - finally - to grow up?

Grown Ups is the brand new, sensationally entertaining and laugh out loud novel from Marian Keyes.

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