Giddens, Anthony

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paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 38.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9780745652931, 1182 blz., January 2013, Engels

Uitgever: Athenaeum Uitgeverij


Masterly and authoritative introduction to sociology by a globally important sociologist Written in an exceptionally engaging style, with a strong commitment to interactive pedagogy, the book handles even the most complex ideas with clarity Fully up-to-date with cutting-edge thinking in sociology, and recent events in the social world (e.g.

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inhoudsopgavePreface to the Seventh Edition Introduction 1 What is Sociology? 2 Asking and Answering Sociological Questions 3 Theories and Perspectives 4 Globalization and Social Change 5 The Environment 6 Cities and Urban Life 7 Work and the Economy 8 Social Interaction and Everyday Life 9 The Life Course 10 Families and Intimate Relationships 11 Health, Illness and Disability 12 Stratification and Social Class 13 Poverty, Social Exclusion and Welfare 14 Global Inequality 15 Gender and Sexuality 16 Race, Ethnicity and Migration 17 Religion 18 The Media 19 Organizations and Networks 20 Education 21 Crime and Deviance 22 Politics, Government and Social Movements 23 Nations, War and Terrorism References Glossary
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