Signature Dishes That Matter

Pat Nourse

gebonden: € 45.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)
ISBN: 9780714879321, October 2019, Engels

Uitgever: Phaidon Press Limited


A global celebration of the iconic restaurant dishes that defined the course of culinary history over the past 300 years

Today's food-lovers often travel the globe to
enjoy the food of acclaimed chefs. Yet the
tradition of seeking out unforgettable dining
experiences goes back centuries, and this
gorgeous book reveals the closely held secrets
behind the world's most iconic recipes - dishes
that put restaurants on the map, from 19thcentury
fine dining and popular classics, to
today's most innovative kitchens, both high-end
and casual. Curated by experts and organized
chronologically, it's both a landmark cookbook
and a fascinating cultural history of dining out.

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