Finn Juhl

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Christian Bundegaard

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Finn Juhl

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The first-ever comprehensive monograph on one of Denmark's most influential Modernist design pioneers

Danish architect, interior-, and industrial
designer Finn Juhl is best known for his furniture.
Credited in the creation of the international
'Danish design' phenomenon of the 1940s and
1950s, his interior for the Trusteeship Council
Chamber at the United Nations Headquarters
in New York introduced Danish Modern to
America. A resurgence of interest in Finn Juhl's
work, the advent of the retro trend, and Juhl's
elevation to cult status in Japan places him firmly
at the forefront of mid-century Danish design.

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Christian Bundegaard is a Danish writer and former diplomat who holds a master's degree in philosophy. He has written several books on architecture, design, and cultural history, and currently lives in Brussels and on the island of Majorca.

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