Birds & Other Animals: with Pablo Picasso

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Birds & Other Animals: with Pablo Picasso

gebonden: € 9.95

ISBN: 9780714874128, April 2017, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Phaidon


The masterful drawings of Pablo Picasso are
used to teach animal recognition in this artful,
read-aloud board book. Birds & Other Animals
takes children through Picasso's series of
single-line animal drawings, beginning and
ending with various kinds of birds. The cleverly
whimsical charm of Picasso's sketches keeps
readers engaged, while the accompanying text
enriches the experience with conversational
commentary. Readers will not only broaden their
visual definitions of which animals are which,
but also grow familiar with fine art in this
relevant and relatable third title in the
'First Concepts with Fine Artists' series.
Includes a read-aloud 'about the artist'.

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