Circle, Triangle, Elephant

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Circle, Triangle, Elephant

gebonden: € 8.95

ISBN: 9780714874111, , Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Phaidon


This unexpected take on shapes offers a breath
of fresh air within this well-established toddler
concept genre. With bright block-art visuals and
a rhythmic, read-aloud text, this book begins by
offering familiar shapes - a triangle, a circle,
and a square - and then throws an elephant into
the equation: triangle, elephant, circle. Surely an
elephant doesn't belong in a book on shapes ...
or does it? The joy of the unexpected, including
guest appearances by boats, lemons, and
other random but recognizable silhouettes,
in a shape-driven narrative will prompt giggles
and squeals, as children build skills of labelling
and classifying.

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