On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen

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On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen

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ISBN: 9780714873909, April 2017, Engels
Formaat: 27.8 (h) x 21.3 (b) x 3.3 (d) cm. Gewicht: 1364 gram.

Uitgever: Phaidon


Known for his game-changing approach to
cooking with vegetables, Jeremy Fox first made
his name at the Michelin-starred restaurant
Ubuntu in Napa Valley. Today he is one of
America's most talked-about chefs, celebrated
for the ingredient-focused cuisine he serves
at the Los Angeles restaurant, Rustic Canyon
Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen. In his first book,
Fox presents his food philosophy in the form
of 160 approachable recipes for the home cook.
On Vegetables elevates vegetarian cooking,
using creative methods and ingredient
combinations to highlight the textures,
flavours, and varieties of seasonal produce
and including basic recipes for the larder.

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