Harold's Hungry Eyes

Waldron, Kevin

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Harold's Hungry Eyes

gebonden: € 14.95

ISBN: 9780714871240, 32 blz., August 2016, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Phaidon


A stylish depiction of the life of a food-obsessed urban dog, with hints of edible humour
Like most dogs, Harold is food-obsessed; unlike most dogs, he imagines food in the most unlikely places - on buildings, cars, mailboxes, even fire hydrants! When Harold gets lost in the big city, he is overtaken by hunger and begins to see things: hot dogs on an antenna, a turkey roast in the mailbox, and toast popping out the top of a build-ing! Thankfully, Harold's hungry eyes lead him to familiar landmarks and he finds his way home. to breakfast!
Created for ages 4-6 years

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