Shooting Space

Redstone, Elias

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Shooting Space

gebonden: € 65.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9780714867427, 240 blz., January 2014, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Phaidon


Since the invention of photography, architecture has proved a worthy subject for photographers. Shooting Space: Architecture in Contemporary Photography showcases the relationship between the two practices. The book presents a broad spectrum of work from a diverse roster of renowned and emerging artists: Annie Leibovitz captures the construction of Renzo Piano's New York Times building; James Welling revisits Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House; Walter Niedermayr shifts perspectives on SANAA's sculptural designs.

The book is divided into five chapters, covering collaborations between photographer and architect, global urbanization, alterations to the natural landscape, reappraised Modernist icons, and imagined environments. Presenting a fresh study of outstanding work in contemporary architectural photography, Shooting Space not only provides an engaging display of beautiful photography, but will reward the reader with a considered survey of our built environment.

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