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ISBN: 9780712353007, 224 blz., September 2019, Engels

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With a preface by Polly Russell, Back in Time for Tea food historian

Discover history s most memorable meals.

Fascinating and entertaining, the menu, as a record of the food we eat, tells us much about who we were and how we lived.

From the historically significant to the unexpected, discover what was eaten at the first Nobel Prize dinner; what Barack Obama chose for his inauguration meal; what the Tsar and Tsarina ate at their infamous society balls; why the first pre-made sandwich was so significant; and what sort of inflight grub was served up at supersonic speeds on Concorde. Step in time to dinner dances at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom; delight in Elvis and Priscilla's wedding breakfast; marvel at the Titanic's last sitting and raise a glass to El Bulli's closing service.

To Start
Menu Firsts
Food Inventions
Iconic Menus

Meals that Changed History
Events that Changed Menus
History of Cookbooks

Famous Feasts
Food in the Arts
Last Meals

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