Til Wrong Feels Right

Lyrics and Pictures of Iggy Pop

Pop, Iggy


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ISBN: 9780241399873, 288 blz., January 2019, Engels
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Uitgever: Viking UK


Lyrics, essays and photographs from one of music's most influential, enduring and endearing artists.

Iggy Pop hasn't simply left a mark on music; he's left blood stains all over it.

From fronting the legendary proto-punk band The Stooges to collaborating with an eclectic mix of artists including David Bowie, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Jack White and Josh Homme, Iggy has proved himself to be one of punk's most iconic, outrageous and enduring music artists.

In this beautifully illustrated collection, he shares his lyrics and reflections on a genre-defining music career that spans five decades.

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