A Fatal Game

Nicholas Searle

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A Fatal Game

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 15.95

ISBN: 9780241354391, 256 blz., August 2020, Engels
Formaat: 19.8 (h) x 12.9 (b) x 1.8 (d) cm. Gewicht: 182 gram.

Uitgever: Michael Joseph


***The new thriller from the author of The Good Liar, now a major motion picture ***

The railway station is heaving with rush-hour commuters when the bomb goes off.

In the subsequent enquiry, Jake Winter, the British Intelligence Officer responsible for preventing the attack, comes under fire. Especially when it transpires that the bomber was his agent.

With his conscience - and his career - in tatters, Jake's hopes rest on his new recruit, a young British-Asian man named Rashid. Recently returned disillusioned from the Middle East, and now enlisted into a new terrorist plot, Rashid seems to be the answer Jake, and MI5, have been waiting for.

But how can Jake know for certain when Rashid is his only source? Is history about to repeat itself or has Jake lost his nerve, haunted by his last mistake?

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