The Night Window

Dean Koontz

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The Night Window

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 10.95

ISBN: 9780008291419, 400 blz., December 2019, Engels
Formaat: 17.8 (h) x 11.0 (b) x 2.6 (d) cm. Gewicht: 236 gram.

Uitgever: Harper Collins UK


She will destroy her enemies once and for all...

The explosive conclusion to the Jane Hawk saga, from No. 1 New York Times bestseller Dean Koontz.

'It's over, and so is she.'

Rogue FBI agent Jane Hawk is living in a world of danger. Her battle to expose a global conspiracy risks her own life and that of her five-year-old son, whom she has sent into hiding.

Jane is meticulously gathering evidence to bring a terrifying organization to justice - one that threatens humanity with technologically imposed slavery.

Now she has no choice but to expose the unimaginable truth, even if it changes her life - and the lives of everybody around the world - forever...

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