Soigneur Cycling Journal 20

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Soigneur Cycling Journal 20

€ 16.50

ISBN: 8718868582386, , UND
Formaat: 28.1 (h) x 21.2 (b) x 1.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 660 gram.

Uitgever: Soigneur


With an already iconic cover image of Wout van Aert by Kristof Ramon, we celebrate our twentieth edition of Soigneur Cycling Journal. 195 pages of love for cycling, brought to you on beautifully printed pages meticulously curated by Soigneur.

Here's what's included in our anniversary edition:
- Pain by Kristof Ramon
- Tour of Turkey by Kare Dehlie Thorstad
- Japanese Odyssee by James Robertson
- Cima Bonatti bikepacking by
- Behind the scenes at the Women's World Championships
- Best of the Grand Tours by Chris Auld
- Tour de Rwanda

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