Dutch Light in the 'Norwegian Night'

Maritime Relations and Migration across the North Sea in Early Modern Times

Louis Sicking

Dutch Light in the 'Norwegian Night'

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ISBN: 978-90-6550-814-0, geïllustreerd, 128 blz., June 2004
Formaat: 24.0 (h) x 16.0 (b) x 1.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 200 gram.

trefwoorden: Scandinavië Noorwegen Johan Huizinga migratie Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden migration Norway maritime history maritieme geschiedenis ...


This book focuses on the social, religious, political and naval relations between the Netherlands and Norway in the early modern era, during Norway's so-called 'night of four hundred years'. This expression became popular in nineteenth-century Norway as a reference to the period of Danish domination, which lasted until 1814. Meanwhile the Netherlands emerged as an independent republic that developed into one of the most powerful and prosperous states in the heart of Europe. Attracted by the brightness of its Golden Age many Norwegians left their country in search for a better life in the Dutch Republic. New data and insights are presented on the importance of the Norwegian immigration into the Dutch Republic, and on the integration of Norwegians in the Amsterdam Lutheran Church. Other articles are devoted to individuals whose achievements shaped the historical relations between the two countries. Finally, an unpublished lecture by Johan Huizinga offers a comparative analysis of the history of the Netherlands and Norway.

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