Pirates, Peaches and P-values

Stylish Statistics

Vince Penders MA

Pirates, Peaches and P-values

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ISBN: 978-90-8666-406-1, geïllustreerd, 688 blz., August 2016, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

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Pirates, Peaches and P-values | Vince Penders

The statistics revolution continues - in English! With ninjas to train, umbrellas to test and dominoes to topple, this latest edition of Pirates, Peaches and P-values covers lots of new topics not yet featured in the first Dutch print. Backed by countless students already for its clarity, precision and light-heartedness, this book transcends the final frontier - language - to assist anyone in understanding statistics. Also in this edition, its holy trinity of building bridges prevails:

* Accomplished yet accessible: we explain everything.

* Mathematical yet material: we translate hyper-tangible examples to statistics and back.

* Entertaining but educational: laughter makes you learn and remember better.

So try it, and be conVinced. Still think you're a peach in statistics? You're about to become a pirate!

Crystal-clear setup

Thanks to an intuitive structure, you can hop aboard wherever you want. Pirates, Peaches and P-values will always tell you exactly what previous knowledge you require and will direct you to the relevant pages. Each chapter starts with an overview of the important concepts, test assumptions and action plans for an analysis (when applicable). It proceeds with an extensive theoretical elaboration, including footnotes and bonus paragraphs for whoever wishes to dig deeper. The exercises at the end test your new knowledge and expand it further. Not only does the whole allow for thorough learning, it also makes it easy to refresh your brain fast if you return later.

Hilarious examples

X and Y are not welcome here! With lively topics that range from agriculture to zombies, you will discover that statistics is everywhere - and that you can understand it through the eyes of the world. As hundreds of readers have remarked, it really helps!

Life-saving extras

* A flowchart telling you which test to use in each situation

* A step-by-step action plan for conducting statistical analyses

* Chapters that build bridges between different statistical techniques, showing you that they're often the same

Overview of chapters and topics


1. Mapping Data (one variable: tables, graphs, measures of central tendency and dispersion, transformations)

2. Categorical Relationships (contingency tables / 'cross tabulations')

3. Quantitative Relationships (correlation, regression)


4. Probability Theory (basic concepts, calculation rules)

5. Probability Distributions (discrete and continuous distributions, sampling distributions)

6. Hypothesis Testing (significance tests, Type I & II error, power, confidence intervals)


7. One Sample T-test

8. Paired Samples T-test

9. Independent Samples T-test


10. One-way ANOVA

11. Bonferroni and Contrast Analyses

12. Two-way ANOVA (orthogonal and non-orthogonal designs)

13. ANCOVA (experiments and quasi-experiments)

14. Within-subjects ANOVA ('repeated measures ANOVA')

15. Two-way Within-subjects ANOVA

16. Split-plot ANOVA ('mixed ANOVA')

17. ANCOVA for Repeated Measures



19. Z-test for 1 Proportion

20. Z-test for 2 Proportions

21. χ2 Goodness of Fit Test

22. χ2-test for Contingency Tables

23. Contingency Table Analysis ('stratified contingency tables')


24. Simple Regression ('ordinary least squares')

25. Dichotomous and Dummy Variables

26. Multiple Regression ('multivariate regression analysis') 26-A Main Effects 26-B Interaction and Simple Slopes

27. Logistic Regression

28. Multi-level Regression ('mixed regression')

28-A Marginal Models 28-B Random Intercept 28-C Random Slope and Remainders (more covariates, cluster-randomised trials)


29. Reliability ('classical psychometrics')

30. Agreement (kappa / 'inter-rater agreement')

31. Modern Psychometrics

32. Factor Analysis


33. Power Analysis

BUILDING BRIDGES (sometimes things are the same!)

34. T-test and ANOVA

35. Z-test and 2-test

36. Contrasts and ANOVA

37. ANOVA and Regression

38. Contingency Table Analysis and Logistic Regression

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