Classical Oratory and the Sephardim of Amsterdam

Rabbi Aguilar's 'Tratado de la Retórica'

S. Berger

Classical Oratory and the Sephardim of Amsterdam

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ISBN: 978-90-6550-547-7, 141 blz., June 1996
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trefwoorden: historische letterkunde retorica rethorica joodse geschiedenis judaïsme Talmoed sefardische joden Sefardim preken preekliteratuur Tratado ...


Moshe Rephael de Aguilar, a teacher in the Sephardic Talmudic school in Amsterdam and Rabbi of the community from about 1661 until his death in 1679 was asked to compile his treatise on ancient rhetoric. Aguilar's decision to present his pupils and friends a tract on Greek and Roman rhetoric, and not only to refer to Jewish modes of preaching, has enabled Shlomo Berger to assess his text in at least two areas: the Rabbi's knowledge of the ancient theory of well speaking and Greek and Roman culture in general, and his modes of employing the ancient, pagan world of ideas along the traditional Jewish orthodox one. In his monograph Berger aims to unfold the circumstances under which Aguilar composed his tract in circa 1665/1666 and to analyze the particulars of the text. His detailed examination reveals the wide range of Moshe Rephael's knowledge and the way he transmitted this to members of the Amsterdam Sephardic community. Moreover, the study of this particular tract on rhetorical theory sheds light on the vast amount of sermon literature that was composed in Amsterdam.

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