The March of the Libertines

Spinozists and the Dutch Reformed Church (1660-1750)

Michiel Wielema

The March of the Libertines

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ISBN: 978-90-6550-777-8, geïllustreerd, 221 blz., January 2004, Engels
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trefwoorden: church history, kerkgeschiedenis, religiegeschiedenis, religious history, Dutch Reformed Church


This book investigates aspects of the struggle for greater intellectual freedom within the Dutch Reformed Church between 1660 and 1750. Inspired by the new philosophies of the seventeenth century, particularly Cartesianism and Spinozism, both professional theologians and lay believers took the liberty to question important elements of the established explanation of Reformed doctrine and to uphold their own interpretations. Church authorities, however, were unwilling to allow deviations from orthodoxy. They tried to stem the rising tide of free thought and what was regarded as antinomian 'libertinism' by means of church discipline as well as political measures. As a result, many critical believers felt persecuted and turned away from the church, setting up their own networks and organizing clandestine conventicles for religious meditation and discussion.


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