Nation-building and historiography in modern Turkey

anatolia, the Balkan and geographical emphasis

drs Armand Sag

Nation-building and historiography in modern Turkey

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ISBN: 978-90-8759-575-3, geïllustreerd, 248 blz., December 2015, Engels
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A thorough look into the historiography of modern Turkey in search of the historial Balkans, a innovative research that was due for far too long.
Dr Laszlo Maracz, Professor at University of Amsterdam

This research is a unique perspective from a talented, young and promising scholar from whom, I am sure, we will hear more from in the future
Prof Dr Birsen Karaca, Professor at Ankara University

The academic innovations, actuality of the research title, practical and theoretical importance of this study, all have a high scientific level
Dr Guldana Sarbassova, Professor at LM Gumilyov Eurasian National University

A groundbreaking and extremely well researched work on Turkish history in the Balkans and its stunning neglect in Turkish historiographic
Michael van der Galien, Managing Editor of The Daily Standard



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