Living memoria

Studies in medieval and early modern memorial culture in honour of Truus van Bueren

Rolf de Weijert

Living memoria

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ISBN: 978-90-8704-272-1, geïllustreerd, 432 blz., January 2012, Engels
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overig: Rolf de Weijert; Kim Ragetli; A.J.A. Bijsterveld; Jeannette van Arenthals


In the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period people took extensive care to safeguard their own salvation and eternal remembrance, and that of their deceased relatives. Their care for the here and the hereafter is expressed in the concept of memoria, which can be defined as the complex of liturgical and social acts connecting the living and the dead. As such, memoria is much more than a religious concept. During her career dr. Truus van Bueren has become an internationally acclaimed scholar researching the various aspects of memoria, including the objects and written sources related to the remembrance of the living and the dead. To honour dr. Van Bueren on the occasion of her retirement from Utrecht University this volume incorporates twenty articles that deal with medieval and early modern memorial culture written by international experts.

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