Het koninkrijk van God en de Mensenzoon

Een godsdiensthistorische studie

Rudolf Otto

Het koninkrijk van God en de Mensenzoon

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THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE SON OF MAN A Study in the History of Religion
by Rudolf Otto

'I regard Rudolf Otto's The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man as a very im­portant and very influential book. It was one of the books to turn the tide against excessive historical cynicism among New Testament scholars.'
Ernest Cadman Colwell, Vice President and Dean of the Faculties, Emory University

Rudolf Otto, who died in 1937, was one of the most distinguished German theologians of this century. His best-known book, Das Heilige (The Idea of the Holy in English), ran through ten editions in Germany before the English edition of 1924; and the present book created an even greater sensation. All studies of the person and the work of Jesus Christ made since the publication of The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man have had to take Otto's study into account, particularly on the point of his 'messianic self-consciousness'.

The English edition, published in 1938 and revised in 1943, has been out of print for some years and is no longer available. This study is in five books.

Book One, 'The Kingdom of God in Christ's Preaching,' is divided into sections on the antecedents of Jesus; the Kingdom as preached by Jesus; a comparison with the message and person of John the Bap­tist; and a detailed consideration of the teaching that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Book Two, 'The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man,' discusses Jesus as 'the eschatological redeemer and as dis­tinguished from all mere prophets and as integral to the eschatological order itself,' and his consciousness of his mission.

Book Three, 'Christ's Last Supper as the Consecration of the Disciples for Entrance into the Kingdom of God,' compares the New Testament account of the Last Supper with the original ac­count, discusses the associations of sacra­mental eating and other important details, and explains later developments and alterations of meaning.

Book Four, 'The Kingdom of God and the' Charisma ',' speaks of the miracles, the gift of healing and exor­cism, and other charismatic traits.

Book Five is made up of five important appendices - for instance, one section gives a literary comparison between the preaching of Jesus and the Book of Enoch, which has been widely discussed because it points out that Enoch is Chal­daean in origin rather than Jewish and that the roots are in the Persia of Zoroas­trian theology...

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