Bonus Time

a shocking, revelatory tale of looted nazi art, murder, sex and corporate greed across generations

Gregor Vincent

Bonus Time

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 19.99: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 978-90-6523-239-7, 528 blz., August 2010, Engels


Marco Sandanos brilliant investment banking career is shattered when he makes an unauthorized stock buy in a German automotive powerhouse which loses his Swiss bank billions. Before his bank is aware of the loss, Marco enlists his beautiful and intelligent colleague, Alexandra Seiler, to help him analyze why a stock that should have gone up went so drastically down. They fear the stock is being illegally manipulated.

Together they go on the run to unearth the truth. Haunted by a trail of deceit, they follow leads to South America where they become targeted for assassination as they get closer to exposing a secret network. Through their adrenaline filled quest, they discover love and heroism, risking everything to reveal how billions looted by the Nazis in 1943 are still corrupting todays world of high finance.

What Grisham is for the legal profession, Vincent is for banking and business!

What a wonderful time to produce a superbly detailed book about monster trading losses. This story goes back to Hermann Göring, his own art collection, and 15 million US dollars, which was used
to create an industrial empire for the Nazis controlled from Curaçao.

There is murder, steamy sex and corporate chicanery as the Swiss trader who lost a billion Euros and his girlfriend, go on the run. The plot is so clever that the most obvious suspects seem to die in the wrong order, even the last man standing comes as a surprise. A MUST read for your next holiday!
Ian Kerr
Chief Columnist Euromoney and Financial News

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