Swarm Organisation

The vital next step in organisation development

Evert BleijenbergRob Heinsbroek

Swarm Organisation

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ISBN: 978-94-6000-114-7, 176 blz., March 2020, Engels
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Do you want to make your organisation
- More adaptive, intelligent, effi cient and innovative?
- One that improves stakeholder equality, ecological footprint, social justice and -impact?
- So that people are more motivated, energetic, empathic and enjoy their work?
- Self-starting, self-motivating, self-learning and self-correcting?

Than you need to read this book now!
In the last 25 years the rate of change and complexity in our world has increased to the point where traditional, hierarchal organisations no longer function.
As a result, many fail to create value for their stakeholders and experience an increase in stakeholder inequality and social and ecological mismatches. A
new and future proof organisation model is desperately needed. The Swarm Organisation model is designed to address this challenge.

"Swarm Organisation provides a very practical alternative for hierarchy as the main driver of control, it includes a clear methodology to capture the wisdom of the crowd, and it off ers a very powerful tool: the Swarm Scan. In this book, scientifi cally proven insights are being made practical for managers. A must-read."
Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit, Professor of Strategic Leadership at
Nyenrode Business University, and author of international bestsellers.

Evert Bleijenberg MBA
Author, Founder, Strategist & Keynote Speaker.
Pleasantly unconventional, authentic and with many intriguing stories. The man that connected the dots and came up with this remarkable new organisation concept.

Rob Heinsbroek
Co-Writer & Swarm; Business Developer.
Rob is coaching business-leaders & management-boards in modelling new business-strategies based on the Swarm concept.



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