The Library of Fleury

A provisional list of manuscripts

Marco Mostert

The Library of Fleury

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ISBN: 978-90-6550-210-0, geïllustreerd, 315 blz., January 1989, Engels
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Fleury was founded in the middle of the seventh century, on the right bank of the Loire, upstream from Orléans. The translation, in the eight century, of the relics of St Benedict from Monte Cassino, ensured the prestige of the monastery for centuries to come. Scholars from France and beyond came to Fleury due to the quality of teaching provided by the school. The importance of its library in the intellectual history of Western Europe can hardly be overestimated. Many texts are preserved in Fleury manuscripts; quite often Fleury copies are at the basis of the current critical editions of classical, patristic or hagiographical works. This volume is a first step on the long road towards reconstructing the Fleury library. It contains a list of all surviving manuscript sources: manuscripts written at Fleury or kept in its library, manuscripts containing copies of the published charters of the abbey and post-medieval manuscripts containing notes on the history of the Fleury manuscripts. The list is preceded by a short introduction to the history of the Fleury abbey and its library.

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