The time machine

Herbert George Wells

The time machine

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ISBN: 978-94-92954-15-2, 140 blz., May 2018, Engels
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Wells previously had the idea for a story around time traveling, that he processed into a lesser known book, entitled: The Chronic Argonauts.
He wanted to use this story as a basis for a series of stories for the Pall Mall Gazette, but the publisher asked him to write a novel around the same theme instead.
The book published in 1895 presents time as a fourth dimension where the protagonist can travel with a machine though time. The book also reflects Wells' socialist political insight on the world. The book also introduced the concept of time traveling using a device that allows the user to determine where he wants to go. This data was later taken over in many other media.
The story has the form of a kind of two-sited mirror; The I-narrator who is speaking in the whole story is a scholar who reports on the events that his colleague, known as "The Time Traveler", has experienced on his journey through the distant future and in turn told the I-narrator.
In The United States, Australia, Canada and Europe, "The Time Machine" now belongs to the public domain.

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