Between Stability and Transformation. Textual Traditions in the Medieval Netherlands

Queeste 23 (2016) 2)

Renée Gabriël

Between Stability and Transformation. Textual Traditions  ...

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ISBN: 978-90-8704-619-4, 96 blz., December 2016
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trefwoorden: medieval literature Medieval Dutch literature medieval textual traditions manuscript culture textual variences transmission of texts adaptation ...


Texts are subject to transformation, especially during the Middle Ages. The medieval textual culture was a manuscript culture, characterized in a unique way by variance. At the same time, both authors, scribes, and readers seem to have valued the faithful transmission of texts. This brings us to the question of what motivated people to rewrite a work more thoroughly. A contextual shift may have evoked textual changes, for the text had to be adapted to new readers’ frames of reference. In this Special Issue of Queeste contributors investigate how changing circumstances led to adaptations within a text and how the notion of stability relates to the idea of the open text.

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