The Virtues

Seasons of the Soul

Herbert Witzenman

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ISBN: 978-90-73932-26-5, geïllustreerd, 92 blz., april 2013, Engels
Formaat: 21,0 (h) x 13,5 (b) x 0,6 (d) cm. Gewicht: 220 gram.

oorspronkelijke titel: Die Tugenden

illustrator: Jan de Kok

woord vooraf: Robert Jan Kelder

vertaald door: Robert Jan Kelder

trefwoorden: Virtues, Herbert Witzenmann, Rudolf Steiner, Willehalm Institute Press

Rudolf Steiner on the Virtues

Rudolf Steiner has attributed twelve Virtues to the cycle of the year. The meditative nature of this arrangement becomes already evident from the fact that the conceptually designated attributes are not linked to certain dates or periods. It is rather a matter of twelve soul movements, twelve inner steps that can be taken in line with the course of the year. These indications begin therefore with: “Until January 21 – Courage becomes redemptive power; Until February 21 – Discretion becomes meditative power,” and end with: “Until December 21 – Control of the tongue (speech) becomes feeling for truth”. The period of inner transformation lasts in each case from the twenty-first day of a month to the twenty-first day of the following month. Virtues are consequently not character traits which one simply possesses or acquires, but exertions, conquests and enhancements. Rudolf Steiner, as can be seen, does not list a classification of the Virtues [as did Mad. Blavatsky], but presents the dynamics of shaping our own Virtues engendering being. Virtues are transitions, examples of pathseeking and pathfinding.
The inner path is the constantly moving mean between a bodily free condition and resurrection towards a spirit-enamored state of being. Virtues are stages of the constant struggle to stay on the middle path between aberrations. As witnesses to such a centering experience, they are not described by Rudolf Steiner as achievements but as progressions.
They are the reflective awareness between remembrance of the descent of the spirit and premonition of its goal. It is pathfinding, yet quietude, because it ensures the right direction through truth and inner life.
By offering a meditation appropriate to each successive step on this path, an attempt was made to do justice to this dynamic experience of the Virtues. Almost all these meditations rely directly or indirectly on indications given by Rudolf Steiner. Since they are intended as suggestions, they can only serve as a kind of introduction to such meditations, which correspond better to one’s individual living situation.

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